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      Why Choose Garage Door Experts in Allen TX?

      We have been around in business for a long time and are a trusted garage door company in Allen TX. Here is why:

      1. We are LOCAL
      2. We are INSURED
      3. Our vehicles are marked
      4. Our staff is UNIFORMED
      5. We have repaired locks, made keys and repair ignition switches for over 4,500 VEHICLES UP TILL NOW
      6. We have 30,000 MAN-HOURS OF EXPERIENCE in helping clients like yourself and others
      7. We are able to handle all the varieties of cars includes the ones that other locksmiths can’t such as Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Audi and VW
      8. We are one of that rare breed of locksmiths that can perform jobs such as flash gates and aluminum cut outs!
      • We are locally owned and operated
      • All our technicians are our employees
      • We are professionals & courteous
      • We are open 365 DAYS A YEAR
      • We give a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.
      • We offer insurance ON ALL WORK PERFORMED BY US!